Uncovering Corruption

Investigator and author Jack R. Bastian's book CORRUPTION uncovers jaw-dropping, first-person accounts of fraud, rape, sexual misconduct, and a host of dirty dealings by local officials, law enforcement, and... the clergy.


Investigative Services for Individuals

Need your spouse tailed? Looking to find out where they've been spending their time (and with whom)? Effective and confidential investigative services from professionals.

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Investigative Services for Businesses

Running a business can be an arduous task. That difficulty is only compounded when employees are found to have engaged in activities such as embezzlement, fraud, drug use, or theft. Get the help you need safely and confidentially - contact us today.

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Investigative Services for Attorneys

Our best customers are attorneys that have collected some of the evidence but not enough to convict or acquit. Up your legal game, feel more confident, and win more cases with surveillance recordings and first-person testimony from Upper Valley Investigative Services.

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Need to find out where your spouse has been spending their time? Have they not been entirely honest with you? If you have reason to suspect they are involved in something (or with someone), give us a call.


From background checks on prospective or current employees to investigating fraud and surveillance. Allow Upper Valley Investigative Services to uncover fraud while keeping everything confidential.


Allow our team to provide fact-finding investigations and help secure evidence for your most important cases. We’ll secure the audio, video, or physical evidence that will assure you win your case.



  • On-site surveillance
  • Video camera surveillance
  • Vehicle and device trackers
  • Hidden mics and recording
  • Private security feeds

U.S. Coast Guard Artic Service Medal
U.S. Army Reserve Soldier of the Year
Montgomery County Police Chiefs Association, Officer of the year
City of Union Police Department Officer of the Year
Northmont Rotary Club Officer of the Year


I can’t say enough about Jack Bastian. We’ve had cases threaded together with rumors and unreliable testimony and then within a few short weeks, Jack has laid out an entire smorgasbord of reliable witnesses, recorded testimonies, and factual evidence. Jack is the best at what he does.

Jon Smith
Attorney at Law

When my husband of 13 years began staying late at work, I became suspicious. His demeanor changed, and he started working out. I asked Jack to investigate and he tracked my husband’s vehicle to arrive at my younger sister’s house. Jack helped me to collect the information I needed to leave my husband, and make sure that I was taken care of. Thanks Jack!

Joanna D
Client 2

Jack’s pursuit of Justice is unmatched. When he heard my story he not only believed me but he helped me find a lawyer that would allow my voice to be heard. It took me over 14 years to be heard that my ex husband was grooming my daughter’s. Many times the court failed me. It always came to the point of me just being a vindictive ex wife that just wanted revenge in a divorce setting.
With Jack’s help my lawyer was able to prove that my ex husband was a groomer and had been grooming my daughters for many years. Jack’s persistence speaks volumes to his character and his desire to find Justice. I not only respect Jack as a person but I also consider him a friend. Thank you Jack for believing in me as well as my daughter.

Pam B

I have used Upper Valley Investigative Services in a number of post-conviction investigations involving major felonies, including cases where innocence is claimed. The work has always been prompt, thorough and, most importantly in post-conviction work, objective. If you want to find out what happened, this is who you want.

Stahl and Stephenson


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